In 1980, after receiving his MS in architecture, Frank Seta graduated from Pratt Institute in Urban Design. He met Peter Corsell of PCA and accepted his invitation to join his firm, from 1980 to 2002. During the last thirty years, Frank Seta had the opportunity to work with many renowned architects such as Phillip Johnson, Helmut Jahn and Jean Nouvel.

In 2002, Frank Seta joined the Thornthon Thomasetti Group as head of the exterior wall group and continued working on new and existing projects such as Buffalo Life Science Complex and several Columbia University projects. One of our specialties is rehabilitation of existing buildings, specifically land mark buildings.

In 2006, Frank Seta established Frank Seta Associates (FSA) and continued serving many clients in New York, New Jersey and Washington DC areas.


Mr. Orrico is a Registered Architect, maintaining licenses in the State of NY and NJ. He offers over 33 years of extensive experience in the architectural profession.  As a Senior Vice President and Technical Director he oversees special inspection services for masonry; wall panels, curtain walls, veneers and exterior insulation finish systems; as well as energy code inspections pertinent to the building envelope. Mr. Orrico also heads Local Law 11 services for façade inspection and reporting to NYC-DOB.

A graduate of City College of New York, with B. Arch and B.S. degrees in Architecture, Mr. Orrico began his career practicing architecture in 1981. Early in his career, working in a small firm established the foundation of his experience, knowledge and work ethic.

Prior to joining FSA, Patrick Orrico was with BBB for nineteen years,  becoming an associate partner in 1998 and named Chief Architect of the firm in 2005.


After receiving his B.S. in Architecture from Georgia Tech in 1990, John worked for one of the foremost restoration architects in France. During this time he completed the Ecole de Chaillot and the French national school for preservation, equivalent to a Masters of Preservation. Returning to the states in 1994, he then completed a Masters of Architecture at Columbia Univeristy. Since graduating in 1997 he worked as an architect in the the city, involved in all phases of design and construction on numerous project types. 

Since joining FSA in 2006, he has been invloved in many types of construction consulting, including existing buildings and restoration, remediation, new construction with all types of enclosure systems, and specialty glass structures.  Notable projects include the Queens Family Courthouse, 837 Washington, The Friends of the Highline Building glass pavilion, and The US Diplomacy Center.